Our mission is to help companies select and implement technologies that enable their business vision which support growth and nimbleness.   Companies today are faced with an overwhelming myriad of technologies to solve their business problems.  These technologies are designed to work together to solve specific issues.   We assist companies in selecting and implementing the proper technologies for their needs, allowing them to grow in a stable and predictable fashion.  We assist startups with their initial development in a way that allows them to roll out an initial offering to support their vision in very quick time to market.  Our solution also sets them up for the future with processes, measurement and testing to ensure the stability of future development.   We take into account future staffing needs and acquisition support when implementing the solution.   

Scott Ryan
Technology Strategist

As a hands-on software developer, Architect and Mentor I have enabled rapid design, development, and deployment of full-stack solutions to deliver critical bottom-line impacting customer value. My sweet spot is helping startups get their first deliverables off the ground by taking an idea and delivering a fully functional production-ready solution in record time. I also help larger more established companies evaluate and/or migrate to newer technologies. I have participated in 10 greenfield startups, 2 company acquisitions, and 8 successful platform migrations. 

Karen Padgett
Business Strategist

An accomplished senior executive with more than 20 years of success within biotech, life sciences, healthcare, wellness, diagnostics, and education.  Proven ability to challenge the status quo and develop strategic plans to drive organizational growth. Areas of expertise include startups, product development, branding, market research and go-to-market strategy, marketing, private equity, M&A, P&L, divestiture, CRM, and process improvement. 

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